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What makes a great undergrad SOP?

The statement of purpose can be denoted as the cynosure of the entire application which means it has all the potential of drawing the attention of the admission committee and influencing the admission decision. So it is very important to present an SOP that is well written and drafted.

The document that puts a student forward to the University in a way that a transcript, resume or Recommendations cannot so it goes without saying that the content of SOP should be significantly different from the credentials or we can say it shouldn’t just reflect the student’s Resume and Transcript.

What makes it an ideal SOP for undergraduates?

The introduction which is abstract yet defines you clearly. A life-defining experience that had an inspirational impact on you and would you associate that with your ambition. Always keep in mind that you don’t need to present your career goals very precisely, however, your passion and aspiration should reflect vividly.

Talk about your role model in life and in what ways the person inspires you. It is absolutely not necessary to relate it to your academics and career rather how you can grow as an individual by following their footsteps.

The next part should show how diverse your personality is. The US wants students who have achieved and involvements beyond academics. You can talk about a remarkable achievement in any field like sports, music, creative writing, quiz competitions and Olympiads. This has to come up as a narrative and not just as bullet points. If you have achievement in multiple domains, then emphasize one and give concise account of others.

Share your experience and learning from your community services. Though this would be there on your resume, on the SOP you have to share your experience in details.

Then, what inspired you to choose your desired subject/stream and why is the USA your most preferred destination. This should be explained in details logically. (New York is so happening wow!! I love the city of Hollywood or Disneyland is heaven would not put a favorable impression.)

It is very important for you to be thoroughly acquainted with your University and curriculum as in the next part you need to justify your choice of university and course.

Finish your SOP with a very strong reason that you deserve the opportunity in every respect.

Your language must be lucid, intellectual and should thoroughly demonstrate your linguistic skills and command over grammar and vocabulary. In others words. For example:

“ I have a special interest in human psychology so I would like to opt the same as minor.” Should be replaced by “Human mind is a treasure of enigma. It always amazes me how with the help of science we can read and understand the thought process of a person and even control the same when required that provides a great sense of gratification. I would be extremely happy to have psychology as a part of my curriculum to imply the same in reality.”

These were some of the important points to be taken into consideration while drafting a good UG SOP.

Technical aspect

There is no substitute for a grammatically perfect SOP.As far as the language and the vocabulary is concerned, the universities will never compromise even if you are brilliant at academics. Rather, someone with a great test score and academic performance is expected to draft a fairly nice


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