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Protected: 8 types of Professors you’ll meet in University

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20 TEDx Talks You should watch before turning 20

By Manik Rege — TED, short for ‘technology, entertainment, and design,’ is a media network that co-organizes independent talks by entrepreneurs, activists, and artists around the […]

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10 types of Students You’ll meet in University!

By Manik Rege Reading Time: 7 minutes At this time tomorrow, I’ll be a fresh graduate, all set to make my mark in the world. […]

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Ultimate List of Free Online Tools for Students [2017]

By Manik Rege Hola, amigos! Here is a monster list of FREE online resources for curious students who want to build new skill sets, expand […]

computer science vs. information systems: difference & application tips by study abroad consultancy in mumbai

Computer Sciences Vs. Information Systems: What’s the Difference?

COMPUTER SCIENCE & INFORMATION SYSTEMS Hey there. Confused between the two terms? We’ve got your back. Here’s a comparison between the disciplines of Computer Science […]

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Australia: A worthy Study Destination? (From a Student’s Perspective)

Hey there, peeps! This article is written and experienced by a student studying and living in Australia. Therefore providing information and guidance with finer details. […]

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What is OPT? (Pocket Guide for US study aspirants)

Confused about what ‘OPT’ is, and how you should go about it? Worry not- we’ve put together a pocket guide that answers all the FAQs […]

writing personal statements for university applications

10 Mistakes Students make in SOP’s (University Statement of Purpose)

A Statement of Purpose is a very important document when it comes to securing an admission in a university abroad. A well written SOP can […]

how is a GPA score calculated? study abroad counselling

How to understand your GPA

Most American universities while applying ask for GPA, Grade, and 4.0 Scale, etc. At this time, some questions that pop up in our mind are: […]

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All you need to know about the F1 US Visa

A lot of us dream to study abroad but when the question of financing arrives several students have to take a step backward. Most of […]

boy buried in books: stress and time management techniques for exams

8 Quick Tips for handling Exam Jitters

Got those nerves? Well then, we’ve got some handy tips to shoo them away… 1) Put the books down, close your computerized practice tests, and […]

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Should you bother for GRE coaching?

Is it a necessity to attend GRE coaching? There would be two answers for this. In my opinion, if you are confident about your QA and […]

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New SAT vs Old SAT: What’s the difference?

There have been some major changes in the SAT of late. Here’s a breakthrough of how the new paper’s going to look like. SAT May […]

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What is ‘culture shock’ and how to tackle it?

One of the most common challenges international students face is dealing with “culture shock.” Culture shock is a feeling of disorientation many people feel when […]

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Your Secret Recipe for a stunning Master’s SOP

Just as in case of undergraduate applications, the Statement of purpose has a great importance in Master’s applications. It is also believed that an excellently […]

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How to register for the TOEFL test

Developed and conducted by ETS, TOEFL is administered worldwide 30-40 times a year. There are about 4500 test locations across 165 countries. As per the […]

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What makes a great undergrad SOP?

The statement of purpose can be denoted as the cynosure of the entire application which means it has all the potential of drawing the attention […]

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Top 5 reasons why US visas are rejected

Key reasons why a visa application may be rejected. Pay attention to these pointers during visa interviews

advantages of studying in the US. street in america

Why You should pursue undergrads in USA

A substantial number of international students select the US as their study destination because of its compelling reputation in the field of higher education. With […]