I am Confused!!

I am Confused!!

Is this similar to your State of Mind?? I am sure the answer would be “YES” for several who are reading this article. Lot of students come to us and they always have confusion on whether they should go abroad or not? Whether they should study MBA or MS? Shall I go to X country or Y? Shall I take the required entrance exam like GRE or TOEFL now or later? And the list goes on and on.

Some people take confusion as negative attribute but we at EDUCATION STREET take it as a positive state. Being confused and seeking answers to your questions is a good act. You are putting in efforts to evaluate what would suit you best and pick the most ideal solution for you. Rather some students pick or choose what they have heard or read without cross verifying it. Study abroad is a huge investment with regards to money and time. So Being counselors we always tell students you are confused no problem we would give you inputs to clear them. We also give directions to cross verify what we are saying is truth and it’s no false trap.

So don’t worry if you are confused you are bound to be with so many options in countries, courses, visa rules etc. But your mistake would be by not taking action to get those cleared. So your first and foremost step would be to list down your confusion. Second step would be to approach a good counseling firm do not fall prey to counselors who are unethical. Third discuss your confusions step by step and check whether the counselor helps you sort them out. Fourth do take feedback from online and other resources to verify the approach and information. And lastly start the procedure with the chosen counseling firm. You need to be very religious to follow the entire admission and visa process, as everything is time centric. University admission process and visa application all take good amount of time so you always need to have some buffer time for safety.

Eminent personalities like Steve Jobs, Jack Ma and Bill Gates have also mentioned in their speeches again and again that confusion is the way to new learning’s. If you aren’t confused you aren’t learning enough — is an established fact. So do not fear confusions students embrace it and see how wonderful it works for you. Confusions about studying abroad can be resolved if you take right assistance from counselors. We at EDUCATION STREET thrive to handle confusion and bring solution to them. We are a gateway to all your dilemmas and confusions related to study abroad.

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Posted On: Wed, Oct 28, 2015
By Education Street

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