Most common reasons why US visa are rejected?

Definitely looking forward to settle there – Your intention might be to settle there but that should not come across while you speaking with the visa officer. As if he gets even slightest hint on this matter he would straight put a reject on the visa. So very smartly we need to show them that something very strong binds you back to your country.

Financial Inadequacy –  Funds play a crucial role in receiving the visa. The visa officer would want to make sure that you have sufficient funds to sponsor your education and living expenses for the intended period of stay before issuing a visa.

Body Language – You need to show them your confidence and purpose to study. They expect you to come across as self-assured, well-bred and well-mannered individual and if you look nervous or under confident, you are going to get yourself into hot waters.

Incorrect Information –  Do not provide any false information and documents to US visa officer. Most common lies are related to any family members in US. They have the entire background about you in their system so do not fake. Once caught there would never be a chance for you to visit that country.

Low Academic credentials – The visa officer wants you to demonstrate your credibility as a good student. Additionally your English language skills too have to be reasonably good. Mediocre GPA and bad GRE scores can also become a deterrent to getting F-1 Visa. If at all you have a backlog, you must be able to justify it. Moreover, ranking of the school you plan to attend also matters to a certain extent. Make sure you are well informed about the university you intend to attend and spare no efforts in creating an impressive credential.

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