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university students sitting in a classroom with professor

7 types of Professors you’ll meet in University

By Manik Rege I taught for the first time today. The project entailed showing some underprivileged teens how they could use YouTube and other learning […]

Ireland map icon vector

Study in Ireland

Facts Ireland is a part of European Union Politically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland) & Northern Ireland which is part […]

USA map highlighted

Study in USA

Facts US include wide variety of climate due to its large size. The South-West is a desert area with temperatures exceeding 38 C in summers. […]

Study Abroad in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

Facts Made up of 2 main islands. It has a mild and temperate climate with temperature ranging from -10 C to 30° C. It lies […]

Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Facts Average winter and summer temperatures vary according to location Temperature ranges from as low as -40 C to as high as 35″ to 40 […]