Tips a day before exam

TIPS – A day before the GRE exam.

The Day Before the Test

1) RELAX! Put the books down, close your computerized practice tests, and try not to worry about tomorrow! At this point you should feel you’ve learned the techniques, and that you’re ready to attack the test. Focus more on confidence than concepts. Avoid anxieties and thinking about scores.

2) Make sure you have all the necessary documentation required at the test centre. Double-check the information on your admission ticket for accuracy.

3) Make sure you have the correct form of ID to show at the testing centre–otherwise, you will not be able to take the test.

4) If you are not familiar with your test centre and it’s reasonably near you, drive by the test centre and examine, as best you can, the facility and parking situation. This will alleviate any anxiety or confusion on the day of the test.

5) Eat only bland or neutral foods the night before the test and try to get the best sleep possible (at least 8 hours is ideal).

6) Do a few practice questions if time allows, preferably questions with which you’re already familiar. This will essentially provide an opportunity for you to “warm up” before beginning the exam, as well as increase your confidence since you already know how to attack the questions. Three or four problems should be enough to get you mentally prepared for the test taking experience.

7) Review your notes, especially problems and concepts that you have struggled with. It’s important to have everything you’ve learned fresh in your mind on test day.

8) Well before test day, be sure to identify techniques that will help you remain calm and focused during the test. The techniques that work best for you may be different from what works best for other people. So, be sure to find the techniques that work best for you and practice them.

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