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Feeling stuck? 

At a crossroads in your career? Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. If you aspire to pursue your MBA from the USA or abroad, compelling essays are necessary to boost your profile along with your GMAT score. To put forth your profile and achievements more effectively in front of the admission committees and secure scholarships, you need to overcome the myths associated with MBA applications. We will help you construct STAR essays, letters, and interview responses with a very individual specific approach and make sure that your investment in the entire application process is minimum. Your success is paramount.

About Education Street

Education Street was founded in 2010 as an Overseas Education Consultancy in Mumbai, committed to providing education consultancy services like counseling, coaching, application guidance and visa guidance to Indian students. We currently operate from three offices Mulund, Vashi and Vile Parle in Mumbai.

Why Choose Us?

We value scholarships the most! For the top 20-25 programs, the selective rate has remained under 30%. However, for the mid-tier schools, the selective rate ranges from 35% to 50%. According to Poets and Quants analysis, Across the board–but especially in the lower tier of the top-50 schools–foreign student numbers continue to dive in full-time MBA programs, with 36 school seeing declines between 2016 and 2018, and 32 from 2017 to 2018. 

“There’s no doubt that immigration policy is having a negative impact on U.S. business schools, “William Boulding, dean of Duke University’s Fuqua School and the chair of the Graduate Management Admission Council. Under such a colatile scenario, no matter how reputed the B-School is, your investment, if you make one, will always be at risk. Therefore, it is wise to get craft an impactful application and empower it with engaging essays, letters and resume to give the maximum chances of winning scholarships.

Education Street - The Way MBA Admission Consulting Works

What to Expect?

Resume – Fine: There are many templates which are doing rounds on the internet. We will give you the one which works the best.

Focus on one idea, apt structure, and natural flow in every essay: We perform an in-depth analysis of your profile to get a comprehensive idea of your attributes and stories and project your leadership accomplishments in a STAR format that creates a naturally flowing narrative that adcoms prefer to hear.

Constant Editing: There will be no limits to the number of edits of your drafts. We will work endlessly with you to develop the best possible content till you are satisfied and feel that this is something the adcoms will not be able to ignore.

Maximize your chances: Work with our in-house experts who are qualified, scholarship winning MBA graduates to create a winning strategy which includes school-shortlisting based on your profile and future goals and then strengthening your profile by working around your weak areas.

Strict Privacy: Your profile and shared information will be secure with us. We truly respect client confidentiality. We will not share content related to previous successful students with you and you can be assured of the same privacy policy.

What Not to Expect?

We do not believe in ghostwriting. You will need to provide the first draft in your words as you will be in the best position to describe your achievement. We will help you enhance the content and develop the best narrative.

We do not encourage projecting fake information. We also do not believe in portraying an unrealistic picture of MBAs abroad and related aspects like admissions, career prospects, etc. We will give you the best possible options for schools based on your profile and will help you get there with the highest scholarships- purely on your merit.

Comprehensive Packages

Tailor Made For You

Support That Makes a Difference

Your essays and letters of recommendation form your first impression in front of the admission boards. They constitute a major part of the application and have an equal weight as your GMAT score, if not more. Sometimes they can compensate for an average GMAT score.

Rejection / Ding / Waitlist Analysis

We will set up 1-on-1 session with a mentor who will engage in a detailed brainstorming session with you to bring out the best in your profile and shortlist schools best suited for your profile and goals. We will also provide you the most effective resume template which is a format accepted widely by US and abroad B-Schools and companies and multiple drafts will be exchanged till the resume is finalized.

Essay / Letter Editing

Your mentor will begin editing the essays and letters after you prepare first draft to highlight key achievements and focusing on quantifying your contribution towards the success of your employer along with your career progression. A natural flow will be established which will seem like a conversation yet maintaining a certain degree of professionalism. No limits to the number of drafts and brainstorming sessions, the final goal is the make you stand out by engaging in extensive due diligence about you and the schools that you are applying.

Mock Interviews

Interviews are the last but certainly not the least important step in your application. We will help you prepare responses based on your essays & letters so that you know what questions to expect, you can speak with a degree of conviction and end your interview with intelligent and relevant questions. Whatever you’re struggling with, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to find out more.

Comprehensive Package & Best Values

  • School Shortlisting / Brainstorming / Multiple Edits of all Essays / LORs / Resume / Application Form Review / Interview
  • 1-School- 29,250 / 2-School- 44,500 / 3-School- 58,000 / 4-School- 70,500 | BEST VALUE – 5-School- 91,250 / BEST VALUE – 7-School- 1,10,000                                                                       

Essay Review & Editing

  • Essay Review and Editing- 10,000 per Essay.
  • Broad feedback on the content of your essay and its relevance to the question.
  • Advice in selecting the best story to suit the essay topic including helping you choose between 2 examples (must be
  • communicated orally) for a particular essay topic.
  • Editing your final draft and bringing it down to the word limit while maintaining the essence of your story.

Resume Review, Construction & Finalization

  • Sample Templates \ Advice on how to construct a resume \ Advice on content to include \ exclude- STAR Stories.
  • Resume Review, Construction and Finalization- 9,000 \ Add-on Service: Building Expert LinkedIn profile- 3,000

Interview Training - Standalone

  • 10,000 per School Interview \ Monitor and correct your body language / Provide feedback on your tone and delivery \ Teach you how to take control of the interview \ Provide you with a list of common interview questions
  • Teach you how to answer questions and get your messages out \ Help you construct/ frame answers to common interview questions \ No limit to the number of practice/ mock interview sessions conducted

Last Minute Essay Review & Editing

  • Review and Editing- 15,000 per Essay 
  • Committed TAT of 24 hours 
  • Minimum time to deadline should be 7 days

Rejection / Ding / Waitlit Analysis

  • Rejection/Ding / Waitlist Analysis- 8,000 \ Review of your application materials \ Analysis of probable reasons for rejection \ feedback session with written and oral
  • feedback including advice on how to strengthen your candidature for future applications \ Recommended approach should you choose to reapply to the school

Profile Based Discounts & Offers

  • Scored 90+ Percentile in GMAT- 7.5% on comprehensive packages \ Unconventional background- switching from Arts/Humanities/Law- 5% on comprehensive packages \ Studied in top Indian college like IITs / NITs/ etc- 5% on comprehensive packages
  • Worked with MBB/Big 4- 5% on comprehensive packages \ 7+ years of experience- 5% on comprehensive packages

Referral Offer

  • Refer a sibling/relative/friend and get exclusive 10% discount on 3 school+ comprehensive application package or any standalone service 
  • Even if are no longer availing services from Education Street and still refer someone, get a 5% bonus/reward