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Steps to get WES Evaluation done


WES stands for World Evaluation Services. It is authorized to do evaluation of foreign transcripts and convert it to US education system. Most of the US universities rely on their evaluation & recommend students for their evaluation report.

WES offers two types of evaluation namely Basic & ICAP. Basic evaluation cost is little less than ICAP. Most of the universities tend to ask for ICAP evaluation report as it is detailed one but some universities like SJSU accepts basic evaluation report also. So, students can check university website for the same. Further, they charge you separately for report generation & delivery of report to each selected university.

For evaluation process, WES asks for academic documents from your university and so you are required to send your mark sheets & degree certificate attested by your University & NOT college. Every University in India has a different procedure to issue attested University of Mumbai takes 7 to 25 days to issue from the day you submit it to them. Some students get the same in 7 days, whereas some students get in within 25 days. There have been instances where students have got in 2 days also, but I am not sure how perhaps it could be because of reference they may have in university. (It is suggested to give additional copies of transcripts at the time you go to their office to submit your academic documents, so you can utilize it for any other university also if they ask you transcripts by the degree granting university).

The process for WES application goes as under:

Step 1

You must create your account on WES.

Step 2

You must add the US university name which has asked you for WES evaluation and further select the service you would like to go for either Basic or ICAP.

Step 3

Make a payment by credit card & submit the application.

Step 4

After submitting the application WES generates your reference number.

Step 5

Courier your documents attested by your university to WES with reference number on it. Remember you are not required to put “FROM” address on this envelope as it is attested by university & them already have their stamp on it.

Step 6

Keep checking your status on WES account because they keep updating your status, after evaluation they will send you also one copy of the report.

Note: WES takes 7 days’ time to generate your report from the day they receive your transcripts, so it is suggested to apply well in advance considering your university deadlines. Hence you should give your marksheets, transcripts & degree certificate (if available) to your university as soon as possible.

After you receive your attested documents you must courier it to WES on their given address by putting your reference number which you get after submitting your application & making payment to WES.

By: Madhavi Palange
Senior Counselor and Branch Head- Education Street.

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