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Undergraduate Degree Abroad

Is doing Bachelors Abroad a recommended affair?

Sitting on my counselor chair I am always asked this question by inquisitive and curious parents of kids who are pursuing their 10th, 11th or 12th, basically high school.  My answer to this question always in return is a question. I ask them “Do you want your child to have a wide exposure?” If the answer is yes to this then studying abroad is the right fit for you.

Studying abroad is an exercise you do for your kid to work on several part of his growth. Yes it comes with sending your kid away, it cost you more then your home country and it surely has some more efforts to you and your family. But a worthy option to bring the best of your child. Few imperative benefits are:

  • Practical Education

Undergraduate degree abroad provides you an education, which is truly updated with latest advent and features. It’s not based on bookish knowledge and theory only. It gives a wide paradigm and ways to understand the concept in reality. The assessment is also in ways where you learn the fundamentals better and not judge you simply on a written exam.

  • Carved course

A student post 12th is surely a very naïve to decide his career ahead. University abroad understands this and hence keeps the first year very basic and exposes them to all aspects. They can study engineering and they can also do dance along with it. They can choose engineering and decide specialization later. Always a student going at undergraduate level can choose one major and other minor. Hence a young student can slowly develop its understanding and develop its course.

  • Networking

You are going to provide your child the most wide and extensive cohort and network. Just imagine your child sharing the class with an European, African, American etc . The child is just not going to make friends from people across the globe but also learn different cultures, food, music and lifestyle. Hence their understanding is going to be beyond the normal education, which you would provide him here.

  • Self Esteem and Confidence

A child staying with family always knowingly or unknowingly gets pampered a lot. All his chores basically are done or executed by parents or help in the family. Hence this becomes luxury. Once you send a kid abroad he learns a lot many things. He learns to cook, do laundry, clean the room, manage assignments and many more. So at the end you would be proud to see your child so capable to take care of himself completely. And you would be comfortable that he can lead his life ahead.

So the above points probably will motivate any parent who is reading it. It is a choice you make as a parent for a very promising career of your child.

Yes studying abroad have some concerns like:

  • Cost

It is expensive then education in India no doubt but scholarships and assistantships are widely available to international student. This I have seen in my experience of last 10 years that UG students get much more offered as financial perks as compared to master students. Hence cost of living can be removed by working part time and scholarships can help in reducing the tuition cost. Typical cost of education in primary countries like USA, UK, Australia or Canada would range from 6 Lakhs per year to 20Lakhs per year. This depends on various factors of the university like reputation, private or public, course etc. Hence we can fit the university as per the choice of the parent. Living cost typically is 6 lakhs to 7 lakhs which student after year happily remove on their own. Parent should not feel guilty or bad that their kid is going to work their as this is a very pivotal part of their learning abroad. It is good thing to know how to pay the bills on your own rather then spoon-feeding them longer till they become hell dependent on you.

  • Distance

Some parents especially mothers have concerned to send their little ones far. Yes this can be daunting not having them around. But this little bargain is better then rotting your child here in some small time school and killing his/her caliber. I do not mean to demean Indian education but I have to be true to myself that there are very few good schools that provide quality. And then the competition is way to high out here as loads of applicants as compared to the seat available. So In this bargain you get everything you dreamt to provide your child and nurture him to be the best and nothing less.

We at Education Street ( strive to find the right fit for your child looking at his abilities and interest. Also try for scholarships and assistantships to reduce cost for parents. So if you slightly also have this option in mind to send your child abroad you may knock our doors we have offices in Mumbai.

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