Career Opportunities post 12th

Career Opportunities post 12th


You must be facing this question every now and then! What after 12th???

A tough choice to make with all the diverse questions put across by friends family teachers and who not. But always remember choices once made, lives with you for eternity. So make wise choice and stay firm on it.

This is the right time to think, analyze and make the optimum use of the opportunities given to you.

Why is it an important decision?

Opting for the apt course and college is very important for a higher secondary  student because making the right choice will lead him to a rewarding career. On the other hand, choosing the wrong option will mean that you end up precious time in studying a subject or a domain that doesn’t really interest you. Moreover, in the majority of the cases, the decision that you take after Class 12 will be the one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. There is little scope for changing your career after joining a graduation course and even if you do it, you will still end up wasting the most important and productive years of your life.

Finding it a difficult decision to take?

Along with being a very important decision, it is a tough call to make, especially in today’s context. Today, students face tremendous difficulty in searching and choosing for courses all of which look almost equally lucrative. This wide range of courses available today have further complicated the decision making process for the students. Gone are the days when options were limited and choices were restricted. You were forced to burry your dreams down and go for a career that does not suit your interest at all. Students had no option, but to unwillingly go for engineering, medical, chartered accountancy and in other such core fields. Students today have far more options available to them as compared to the ones a few years back. They are far more open to experimenting with new fields and are building careers as tea tasters, graphic designers, professional photographers, ethical hackers and many other such fields that were completely unheard of a few years back.

Career choice in sync with your interest

The introduction of new domains in the prevailing education system has been both a blessing and a curse for students. For someone wanting to shape a career in an off-beat field this is a great time to follow their passion. But, in the lure of following their passion, students often end up picking a course or stream that they are not really ready for. Similarly, many students pick certain courses because they perceive them to be easier as compared to other mainstream choices. So why to be unhappy after making the wrong career choice! From the beginning, be sure as in what you want to pursue and how do you wish to go ahead with your decision.

How to choose the right Graduation Course?

Deciding the right course for graduation seems like an impossible decision to take. To take the first step toward choosing the right course after 12th you must first know what options are available to you and which ones are in inclination with your interests. Some of the major points that students should factor in while deciding upon the best course for them are as follows –

1. Your Interests

The first thing that you must consider while deciding the graduation course is your interest and passion about it. Having precision and clarity about, what you want to do in future and how interested are you in a particular field, will go a long way in helping you decide your graduation course.

2. Better Comprehension

Before you decide which course to pursue, it is also important to understand what is the course structure and what all does it cover? Simply put, you must thoroughly understand what lies in the store for you once you join the course. This means understanding what subjects will be covered, what will you learn. There are many ways to gather important information about the graduation course you are planning to take up. The most convenient and obvious would be to talk to your seniors, siblings or parents. People from the same profession that suits your interest will be able to guide you the best. Furthermore,  you can also find relevant information about the course and the country you would like to study from an academic counsellor as well.

3. Determined far sightedness

Another major factor to consider upon deciding a college course is its future prospects. Especially, if you are considering going for some new course, it is essential to understand the job and further study prospects that it holds. Going for a course that matches your interests is great but you should also be mindful of the future prospects that it offers.  One of the major questions that you should try to answer is, ‘What are the career opportunities available after the course?’ Also, look for, what prospects are available for higher studies in the field.

Some of the most popular streams, students go for after their higher secondary are as follows:

1. Engineering

Engineering is one of the most sought after course after 12th. Being a professional course, it attracts almost every individual who opted for science with PCM subjects. Because of its high popularity, it is also a highly competitive course option which requires one to appear for different entrance exams to seek admission to top engineering colleges. There is a wide range of engineering courses available for science students. Mechanical, electrical, computer science, civil and biotechnology are some of the most preferred engineering streams. Some relatively new fields like that of nanotechnology, textile, petrochemical, marine engineering etc. are also gaining popularity and offer some exciting career choices upon graduation

2. Medical Sciences

After engineering, the second most desirable option for a science student is Medical or Medicine. Medicine is the study of life and everything that surrounds it. To put simply, if you dream to be a doctor, medicine is the stream for you. But in addition to this, you can also take up pharmacy, agricultural sciences and zoology as a part of your medical science studies. For example, the course of Bachelors in Pharmacy is a very popular course among medical students. It teaches them how drugs are made, how they work and also about drug immunity and the various effects different compounds have on a patient. Besides these, courses like physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics etc. are also popular choices among students these days.

3. Commerce

For students who pursued commerce in std 11th and 12th,  Chartered Accountancy is one of the most popular course choice. The course helps you learn the nitty-gritties of the financial affairs of companies in accordance with the government laws and also covers topics on taxation, financial transactions through auditing along with the practical training for creating audit reports, etc. Apart from Chartered Accountancy, some other popular course options available to commerce students are Bachelors in Business Management (BBA), B.Com, B.Com (H), Economics (H), CS, Law, Bachelors in Travel and Tourism, CS ,  BBI etc. These courses can help you build a great career as an investment banker, brand manager, human resource manager and other such professions.

4. Arts

A background in Arts or humanities offers a wide range of course for students to choose from. Contrary to the earlier trends, more and more students are opting for Arts after 12th in recent years. Mass Communication, journalism, advertising, interior designing, graphics designing, psychology, sociology, history, fashion designing, photography etc.; There are tremendous options for an Arts student to choose from. As an Arts student, you can also pursue courses in linguistic, religious studies, art restoration, foreign languages, filmmaking, art history and other such related fields.


You have only one life, make the most of it. Always choose for a career that suits your interest and not of your parents or friends. In the long run, you will be the CEO of your life, and how one wrong decision made by the CEO affects the working of an organisation, same way one wrong decision made by you can cause your life to go in huge loss where you will have no chance to revamp or rebuilt your life.

Thus We at Education Street understand the importance of making the right career choice and thrive hard to guide and assist each student so that he can conquer his or her dreams without hassle.

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