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Admission Procedure for Study Abroad

You’ve finally made up your mind to study abroad – but that’s really just the easiest part, isn’t it? The next step’s the clincher, and it’s bound to last a while, so buckle up. Your application package is your chance to get your foot in the door of some of the most prestigious universities abroad. But even if you have an excellent academic history and great GRE score if you don’t get the right help to prepare your application with precession you would lose on some prestigious universities.

Admissions – Aced

This is where EDUCATION STREET comes in the picture to direct you in a right way.

Admissions committees at universities sift through several excellent applications every year and to make the cut, we at EDUCATION STREET ensure that your application is unique.

Special Note: We believe in clean counseling and hence our entire admission process is very transparent.

The counseling at EDUCATION STREET goes like this:

#1Guidance for Country selection and University selection

  • We discuss with you your aim and available resources to you and then suggest you best possible options
  • We make you understand what the educational system is in that
  • We have very strong ratio so far with most of our students getting admits from highly ranked universities

#2Guidance to build your credentials

  • If time permits and you are early for application we suggest you to invest your time and energies in things which would provide your application an competitive edge

#3Guidance for Application Procedure for study abroad

  • We explain you the complicated application process step by step
  • Assistance in preparing your essays/statement of purpose/Letter
  • Assistance in accurately filling the application forms
  • Assistance for packet sending to universities
  • Special guidance to increase financial aid opportunities for you

#4Guidance for Visa and Financial funds arrangement

  • Parents (sponsors) counseling to arrange the funds in right format
  • Mock interview to prepare for the visa interview
  • Proper preparation of the visa file with our counselors
  • Pre-departure seminars to give you idea about the new country you would be entering