Student Visa

Visa Documentation

Education Street can help you:

  1. Assistance in filling Visa Application forms
  2. Assistance in showing your funds in the acceptable format
  3. Visa Mock Interviews
  4. Visa File Preparation
  5. Counsel parents with all aspects of the visa

Visa – A Final Axe
How would it sound if you get admit into your desired university but get visa rejection due to your wrongly filled form?? A horrendous moment right?

Exactly why we at EDUCATION STREET carry visa counseling very personally and with utmost care. We are not promising you that you would get a visa as that depends on the visa officer but what we promise is carry your visa procedure what is in our hand error-free. At EDUCATION STREET, however, we boast of 99% of successful visa ratio and we are very proud of it.

Every case is different as every student has a different financial and academic background and hence we carry personalized counseling. Parents are very crucial elements at this stage and hence we involve them as well.

Seeing the stamp of “VISA APPROVED” on your passports we feel the same gush in our bloodstreams as you and your family feel. As at EDUCATION STREET, we consider all our students as a part of our soul.