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University Selection

Few factors which are very crucial for the student to know before they can choose:

  1. Tuition & Living cost
  2. Course/Subject
  3. Jobs
  4. Location
  5. Ranking

You got to be right in your university selection!

Planning to pursue higher studies in any country often gets complicated, as one doesn’t know on what basis they should select a university. The choice is very crucial, as you would be investing a huge amount of tuition fees and time from your career. Therefore EDUCATION STREET takes this stage very seriously and does the primary research for you and shortlist best-suited universities for you.

We employ right strategy and understand what the student and family is seeking. According to that, we provide a proper list of the universities with links to their courses, deadlines, admission requirements and application procedure. This list acts as a strong tool for our students as they then find out further details about the universities and make their choices.

We always accommodate student’s choices but we enlighten a student what would be the outcome in case it is too ambitious for his/her profile.

Of these, the most important factor is Course/Stream. Your future is decided by the course you opt for. We recommend our students to do thorough research on their own as well by reading the university website, getting in touch with seniors/alumni and by browsing the general reputation of the university as we at EDUCATION STREET feel that students should be confident in the choice they made, as they are the best judges for their future.

We take this selection process very seriously.  It has been our record so far, that all our students have received admits from at least 1-2 universities from the selection list we made for them and we take pride in this.