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Courses UK & Ireland can offer you for your UG STUDIES

What UK & Ireland can offer you for your UG STUDIES?

In the quest for overseas education, it is difficult to narrow down your dream school and your country of choice. It is important to know how the educational institutions of each country can help you hone your skills, and how studying in that country can affect your prospects. This article hopes to provide you an insight for selecting UK & Ireland for your undergraduate studies. At the undergraduate level, students can benefit from an overseas education because of the sheer variety of courses available to them. Indian students get the chance to pick and choose the subjects they would prefer to create their own customized Bachelor’s Degree. 

This is immense for many students who leave their comfort zone to enjoy a college experience that will engage their interests and develop their skill sets. UK & Ireland are known for their impressive infrastructure, excellent educational institutions, and innovative degree programs. But all this is even more attractive for younger students who want to enter into careers that will be lucrative and fulfilling in the long-time.

The United Kingdom and Undergraduate Studies

The United Kingdom has always been a popular destination for Indian students for their excellent programs. Nowadays, because the United Kingdom has expanded its stay-back option to two years students are taking a renewed interest in seeking admissions for the undergraduate level. Just like in India, the duration of a bachelor’s degree is three years, and the duration for the Bachelor’s degree with Honors will be for four years.

To apply for Bachelor’s degrees student’s, can use the portal UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), through which they can draft their application to their dream colleges from this portal directly. Students can use this form to apply to multiple colleges from one source and can upload their transcripts, and their education details. Here are some facts about the United Kingdom that will help you envision your life as a student there.

– United Kingdom offers specialized courses and is known for their focus on the fields of Business, Management, Technology, Economics, Finance, Statistics, and Architecture. 

– Students interested in these fields should take the leap and look into the sheer variety of options and the ways you can customize these courses. If you are interested in architecture but want to approach it through the lens of business you can pick the former as a major and the latter as a minor. 

– United Kingdom also has exciting opportunities for students interested in social sciences and humanities, with specialized courses in creative writing, journalism, English language teaching, and philosophy. 

– Students can expect tuition fees to range from $12,000- $24,000 based on the degree and the university of choice.

– For information on the universities at the United Kingdom and their ranking students can refer to , Guardian.

– The only tests required for admission are IELTS or TOEFL or PTE, universities don’t require any other standardized tests.

– Popular cities where there is a high demographic of Indian students are London, Leeds, and Manchester. Living costs in London will be up to INR 8 lacs per annum, whereas in cities outside of London it is reduced to INR 6.5 lacs per annum.

– The weather in the United Kingdom is quite different compared to that of India, and for Indians students, the weather in the Southern region of the United Kingdom is more manageable in comparison to the Northern region. 

Ireland and Undergraduate Studies

Ireland has steadily grown to become a magnet for IT professionals. Ireland has seven universities, thirteen institutes and the rest are private institutions, and totally they number to only thirty-three. But what they lack in numbers, they makeup in quality and have rigorous standards. So Indian students can be rest assured that they are receiving the best of education. It is a competitive country to aspire to, because of the fact that living costs and college expenses are almost one-fourth of what you would spend for in comparison to countries like the US. The Ireland job market favours professionals in IT, FinTech, Healthcare, Pharmacy and Business with all the top companies situated there. 

The best part of Ireland is that it offers permanent residency for students and parents looking for settling overseas can definitely make it their top choice. This is why Ireland is becoming a favourite amongst Indian students who are looking for a stable career and life outside of India. The welcoming people, beautiful landscape and vistas continues to bring in Indian students aspiring to fulfill their goals.

– For information on the universities at Ireland and their ranking students can refer to , TimesHigherEducation

– Just like United Kingdom, Ireland also only requires English Language tests such as IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE, it does not require SATs.

– Students interested in the fields of healthcare, technology, and business can find niche courses with world class educators.

– Students can expect tuitions fees to range from $10,000 to $18,000. The living costs are remarkably lesser and come up to INR five lacs per annum. –

– Popular cities for Indian students are Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick.

– The weather in Ireland is quite extreme to our Indian sensibility but the verdant scenery more than make up for it.

So, which country appeals to you more? Are you drawn to the steady tradition of UK’s colleges steeped in history or do you prefer Ireland’s innovative options? 

Take the plunge, join Education Street’s exciting line-up to gain insight on the various opportunities and learn how to target countries based on the course of your choice. Our counsellors are here to guide you through the process of figuring out your dream life. You can contact us by dropping an email at, or call at +91- 9820418067 / +91-9221414015.

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