Do you need study abroad consultancy to help in your admission process?

Studying abroad is a dream come true for student of various fields. Admissions to any foreign universities involves a lengthy complex process. Gazing at the latest trend of swarm of student flocking to various countries to pursue higher education, some of the foreign universities have made it mandatory to complete their application procedure through one of the study abroad consultants. This ensures the accuracy, transparency and smooth flow for the entire process of admission.  These consultancy acts as facilitator widening the scope of study, making students aware about the various education system and different field all around the world. This enables the student to make appropriate career choice and decision which also complements their personal and professional growth.

The professional consultants present the detailed information regarding the Program Curriculum, Program Length, Choice of Course, the Strength of related program/ department, University Ranking, Tuition Cost, Cost of living. They also discuss the subjective aspect of location, region, climate, social life, safety, facilities available, housing and accommodation.

Many study abroad consultants have direct tie ups with the highly revered foreign universities. These consultancies invite the admission officers of these universities and conduct the student recruitment drive. Here, the aspirants directly get an opportunity to interact with them and solve their queries. They interview the students based on their academic profile and also provide fee waiver and scholarships.

Every year foreign universities receive lakhs of applications of students from the globe. The educational consultant integrates all key points that would make your application look best out of the rest.

The biggest benefit of having a consultant is that it relieves the students and parents from a huge anxiety and stress for completing the process on time and it ensures them to be in safe hands.

The steps involved in the admission process are:

  1. Academic profiling
  2. Course selection/country selection/university selection
  3. Entrance exam coaching (IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/ GMAT/PTE/SAT)
  4. Registering the date for exam through their portal
  5. Editing Statement of purpose (SOP) and Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  6. Financial counselling
  7. Application review and submission
  8. Interview preparation
  9. Visa counselling
  10. Pre departure

Their guidance will enable the students to pick up any one admit out of other admits received. Each year foreign universities receives lakhs of applications of students from all aroundthe globe. The educational consultants integrate all key points that would make your application best out of the rest.

Summarising, admission process is a lengthy and tedious process which thoroughly tests ones patience. And the study abroad consultancies prove to be highly beneficial landing and effective support system to manoeuvre through the admission process.

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