Four Tips to Pursue an Undergraduate Degree Abroad

Four Tips to Pursue an Undergraduate Education Abroad

This article is the first in the series which will delve into the various aspects that students and parents will need to consider before starting their overseas undergraduate education goals.

Preparing to start for an education abroad requires outlining a smart strategy, especially if the student intends to strive for undergraduate courses abroad. Both the parent and student, need to start this momentous step as early as when the aspiring student is in their Grade 9. Yes, this is the apt time for the student as well the parent to understand the various key steps that need to be taken to achieve their goals. Though the majority of Indian students usually target foreign countries for their post-graduate studies in recent times parents have begun targeting foreign universities even for undergraduate studies as well. Since the prospective students are very young, this process requires much support for the students from their parents and counselors. These are four points that will be explored in this article to give an idea of the various facets that will help the student achieve their goals.


1.     Building the student profile

Class 9, according to our expert educational consultants is an important point for the students. They have an idea about their favorite subjects, their core interests and can understand that doing an undergraduate degree abroad would mean a leap outside their comfort zone. They also understand the need to prepare their profile through rigorous academics, focus on extra-curricular, and to focus on coaching for exams such as SAT and IELTS. Students will need to focus on their academics at school so it is important to not pressurize them. This comes together in helping students create the right profile to reach their dream colleges. All this can be done only by seeking out the right guide, which brings us to the second step.


2.     Seeking out the right counselor

A counselor will stay with the student till the student’s visa process and will be a point of contact through the rigorous application process, various qualification exams and generally guide the students through their doubts with on a one on one basis. This bond in the case of a focus towards an undergraduate study abroad programs will last for a few years. A good counselor will fairly evaluate the student, help them uncover their strength and weakness. And from their outsider’s perspective will provide an objective idea of the courses that the student can apply for based on their interests. It is important that parents also are comfortable with the counselors to facilitate the ease of the process.


3.     Narrowing down countries 

There are many reasons for students to pick a particular country may be because they have siblings or relatives who are already settled there, or because the said country is the best for their educational interests. For instance, most students with an interest in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
would typically target the USA. But it is important to explore other countries, this kind of specialized information is what makes overseas education consultants valuable. They can provide crucial data on the various possibilities that students can expect from daily living costs to fully funded scholarships to study abroad. This will help the students figure out the right country that fits their aspirations, budget concerns while also assuring a bright future.


4.     Evaluating the right course 

In the current scenario, due to the rapid development of science and technology, the number of innovative courses offered by universities increases day by day. Students, nowadays are extremely technology savvy and this has enhanced their goals and dreams. It is important to pick the right course because it is the building block of the student’s career. With this in mind, educational consultants are aware of trends and can competently steer students to attain their goals. This will help students combine their innate passions and inclinations with the practical reality of finding a stable career with promise and potential.

This article has given an overview of the various general points that parents and students need to keep in mind. The others in this series will expand upon the various points to provide an in-depth understanding of the process of seeking an undergraduate degree abroad.

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