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How to write an effective LoR to enter your dream college?

Letter of Recommendation (LoR) is an important part of your study abroad admissions process. Counselors typically ask you to work on
your LoR along with your Statement of Purpose (SoP). Since these two written documents require reflection, recollection and reiteration. In India Letters of Recommendations are procured from your teachers or mentors who often wish for the student to give them a draft which they will improve upon. This draft is usually your take on your college/professional life, your interaction with the teacher/manager, and also what skills you have learnt in the time with the college/company. Let’s get into detail as to why do you write a LoR, whom should you approach
for an LoR and how to write a LoR.

Why do you write a LoR?

Universities abroad want to know your performance, and verify your credentials as you have stated in your resume, and your application. The best way for them to do so is to have your mentor, teacher or employer to vouch for your capabilities. This is the core need for a LoR, to give them a third person perspective of you as a person, your skills and how you have applied them in your education and work. Hence, you must strive to put yourself in a favourable light while working on a LoR.

Whom should you approach?

The person you approach should be someone whom you respected in a role that managed and evaluated you in your position. This person should also be someone who is willing to the take time out to write a letter, and sometimes even submit information about you. In the past, the hard copy of the letter was sufficient. But now, colleges and universities require the recommenders email details, so they can directly contact them. The recommender’s will then be asked to fill details about you. So, pick someone with whom you had a meaningful relationship with.

How to write a LoR?

Most LoR’s are written riddled with hyperbole, and flowery prose. This is incorrect, universities look for instances that highlight your capabilities not mere prose. They want context to what you are saying.

Incorrect: X is an amazing person who was the best student/ employee I ever had.

Correct: X’s dedication to his tasks, his immaculate understanding of details as exhibited in the Y project made him an invaluable part of our class/team. X managed to solve Z issue by working creatively and thinking laterally.

The sheer difference in the two instances, shows how it is always better to reveal your skills with an incident that allowed you to showcase your talents.

Thus, you can see clearly how LoR’s make a massive difference and bring a new perspective of you as an applicant.

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