How we work

Clean and focused counseling is our mantra at Education Street.

With so much data available to every student at a click we have seen students being more confused now then ever.

Our Counseling helps them to streamline their path and help them fly to their dream destination. We have expertise in counseling for various countries a student might desire to go for education.

A student can approach us for first counseling session for free. Our team of counselors will address to his/her needs and provide him solutions in terms of country selection, course selection, education cost and many other important aspects, which might bother a student.

Our Counseling is to the point and crisp given face-to-face if you visit our office or online. We do not believe in planning and focusing each student same way as each brings different strengths and weaknesses and hence customized counseling is our forte.

Getting Started

GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, PTE and IELTS are various test required when you think of going abroad.

All are challenging tests but something each and every student can crack with proper preparation and focus.

We provide coaching with great focus on curriculum, practice test, assignments, evaluation and full length mock test. The test requires firstly your complete heart and soul on to it and then we at EDUCATION STREET can help you in the entire path. Our expert tutors and well-defined notes help you achieve and get best scores.

Help with GRE GMAT TOEFL IELTS entrance exams

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In today’s Competitive world you need to sharpen yourself right from the start of your bachelors.

We cannot wait until you arrive in final year to get prepared and face the challenging recruitment stage. By recruitment we mean both ways either you plan to work here or study abroad.

We are here focusing on the former stage where you getting ready to face the recruitment cycle. Aptitude test, Resume building, Interview Preparation and Group Discussions. All this brings nervous pangs to students and hence we at EDUCATION STREET provide you methodology and guidance to master your recruitment stage. 

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