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Why do you require IELTS?

IELTS is not just an English Proficiency Test, it is your pathway to procure competency in the English Language. Don’t study for your exams to achieve a good band in it, instead, look at the future prospects.

Every section under IELTS has its own significance and once you know how is it connected with your day to day life, you will find yet another motive to put in more efforts for the test.

IELTS is bifurcated in four parts: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

So let’s have a look at how each section will help you keep going in a foreign land and incorporate their culture.

Reading: When you are planning to go for your higher studies abroad, be it undergraduate or post-graduate, you must have a excellent understanding of the vocabulary. During your course of study, you will be exposed to various subjects, all taught in English. Thus, you should know how to quickly read the subject matter, yet interpret it properly. If you fail to read and comprehend the meaning of the concepts taught in English, it will be a challenge for you to perform well in your exams and even perform your day to day tasks proficiently.

When you start preparing for IELTS, look at the practical aspect of the test. Read newspapers, magazines, novels, and stories so that you are able to understand and comprehend the meaning of the subject matter. Learning any new language requires consistent time and efforts. It is a slow and diligent effort, so plan your studies accordingly.

Listening: You are going for your higher education to a foreign land where English is the primary language of communication. Thus you should be able to understand and adopt a distinct accent. It is possible that your classmates and professor might have a different accent from yours. Although you are not required to master the British accent or spelling, you should at least be able to understand what others are speaking. IELTS accepts all major variants of native-speaker English, e.g. North American, British, Australian, etc.

Writing: In a duration of two years, you will be required to produce numerous assignments, projects, and presentation where along with listening and reading you should also be able to express your thoughts in writing. This is one of the most crucial component of the four sections. With regular practice and dedication, you will surely be able to crack this section with flying colours as well.

Create a properly organized time-table and follow it diligently. At least dedicate one hour for writing. Read different passages and comprehension and try to frame your own creative answers. Prepare a short essay on any topic of your choice ranging from entertainment, politics current affairs, and sports. This will not only help you broaden your spectrum of knowledge, but it will help you to articulate your thoughts with accuracy and precision.

Speaking:  Speaking is the most important aspect and section amongst  others. Every section is firmly connected to this section. If you are able to read, comprehend the meaning and portray your thoughts in words, you can easily speak. Speaking requires consistent efforts. When you travel abroad for studies or any other purpose, English is the only medium for communication along with other foreign languages. So you should be proficient in the language and its usage. It will help you in communicating with your peers and faculty members. Good and strong communication skills help you create a long lasting impression on others. It can also help you get a good part-time job abroad. In the long run, with your impeccable and attractive communication skills, you can even render an opportunity to secure a good job abroad.

 Now you know, why you need to work hard to crack IELTS with good band score. If required, do enroll for private coaching so that you get the required confidence and practice.

In the end, it is how sincerely you put in efforts and where do you see yourself after a couple of years. If you are sure what you want to achieve in life, you will leave no opportunity to prove your caliber.

Success is all yours, only if you know how to achieve it!

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