checklist for scholarships from universities in USA, UK, Canada & France

Application Process

Making a perfect application to the university is an art and at Education Street, we pay utmost attention at this step.

The primary preparation involves gathering all the necessary documents required for application for that particular country. After the documents are prepared then we proceed to make the applications maintaining the deadlines. Every university places application deadlines and hence it is very crucial to start early and finish it on time.

To make this possible we at EDUCATION STREET make it very structured for you. We provide you the list of documents to prepare and help and guide you the method to attain it. This step is the most time consuming, as you are dependent on external entities. Once collected we proceed to shoot our applications. So the steps are:

List of Documents

#1 Passport

Passport is a very obvious document. Your overseas education dream won’t get wings until you have your passport ready.

#2 Resume

Resume/CV is necessary and crucial. There is no fixed format for the same. It is very important that you include all your history in order and it should be polished. Here is an article to guide you to have a smart resume


TOEFL and IELTS are similar exams both test for English proficiency and is required by most of the university. Either of them is to be taken but we would guide you according to the chosen country by you.

#4 GRE

GRE is an analytical test and it requires preparation. We do provide coaching which is our USP as it is very interactive and personalized.

#5 Statement of Purpose

SOP is a gateway for the admission officer sitting far of from you to know about your profile. We emphasize a lot on this and our trained editing team guides you to make a crisp one. Here are some SOP samples

#6 Letter of Recommendations

For Letter of recommendation, you are dependent on your professors/managers. Hence it takes time and it is suggested to start early so that we do not miss deadlines. LOR again is an important tool as third entity vouches for your achievements and profile. View LOR samples

#7 Transcripts of Bachelor Degree

Transcripts are attained from your university/college and you have to apply for it, as we do not get it in advance or when you graduated mostly. Every university we apply overseas one individual copy of transcripts is required. So we need to take transcripts one each for every application. Most of the colleges take minimum 1-2 weeks to provide the same. Instructions on how to be sent to universities would be given by EDUCATION STREET team.

#A Marksheets of all semesters & Degree Certificate

You already possess these so you just need to gather them and make them ready according to the way the university wants it from you. EDUCATION STREET would be assisting you in this as well.

#B Work/Project Experience Certificate (If Any)

Any practical training taken is very useful for your application and hence producing the proof for the same is recommended.

#C Extra Curriculars Certificate (If Any)

Admission Officers also look at achievements apart from one in academics. So if you hold certificates for your accomplishments in sports, technical courses, hobbies etc. it is good to present them in the application.


Application to a University can consist of two steps:

Online Application or Paper-based Application

Application forms can be online or paper-based varying from university to university. We help you in completing the forms by providing you guidance and sample forms to fill it accurately

Packet sending

Most of the universities require a hard copy of the above-mentioned documents at their doorsteps. Therefore we have to arrange them in packets and courier it to hem. We help you in this tricky procedure so that we do not make any mistake.