checklist for scholarships from universities in USA, UK, Canada & France

Statement Of Purpose

SOP is one of the most important parts of your application because SOP is your chance to showcase the university what your profile is all about. Admission Officer uses this document to know about you and make the decision along with other application material and hence it is very crucial part. And the best part is the entire control for SOP is in your hand – you carve your story!

How Education Street Helps?

EDUCATION STREET provides SOP counseling to bring the best essay out of you. EDUCATION STREET provides you specialized services to undertake your SOP writing task from you. We have expert editors to help you achieve this to meet your requirements.

We collect your profile and take a rough fodder of your profile from you and refurbish and enhance the same to make the final draft. We will always suggest having your heart and soul into it and it should sound like your profile hence the first draft or pointers should come from you.

So how does it go?

  • Collect data/information from you through a questionnaire
  • Your instances like project work/achievements
  • Your resume
  • Verbal discussion on your case by meeting face to face or online

Post all the fodder is collected our editors will start the work. It normally takes 1 week time but if you have any urgency let us know in advance we will try our best but cannot confirm depends on other lined up work. Any further question you may highlight and let us know.

You need to reveal facts about yourself that are not apparent in any of the other application material – an inspiring incident from your childhood, a life-changing event, challenges that have made you think the way you do, or how your ambitions took root. You can also mention subjects you are passionate about, what your goals are, your inspiration to do masters, why USA and many more things.

Universities also like to know that you have researched about the university, about the programme and the faculty members. This assures them that you are keen to be a part of their academic community.

This is also your opportunity to explain inconsistencies in your academic or work profile (for instance, why you missed a semester or performed poorly in it, or why you took a year’s sabbatical from work). If you’re in a niche, unknown academic stream or field of work, you may also explain that here.

Focus on the programme you are applying to. “An engineer is expected to be more analytical. His essay should show how he went beyond the syllabus to develop his scientific interests, like research projects, participation in technical festivals with details of the model he developed, or more about how he used his technical skills to help others – made a website for a shopkeeper, or taught computer skills to senior citizens”.

MBA essays are a different level all together. Here they ask questions to seek information not only on your profile but also your character. So questions like best qualities, your motivation and future goals are the varied points on which they focus for an MBA student.

The most important thing is to be honest. Focus your energy on painting a concise, complete, and well-thought-out picture of who you truly are, rather than present what you think the admissions committee is looking for in response to essay questions.

Sample SOPs

MS in Biotechnology

MS in Civil Engineering

MS in Computer Engineering

MS in Computer Graphics

    MS in Data Science

    MS in Environmental Engineering

    MS in Finance

      MS in Food Production

        MS in Hotel Management & Hospitality

          MS in Industrial Engineering

          MS in Instrumentation

            MS in Marketing

              MS in MIS

                MS in Pharmacy

                  MS in Physiotherapy

                  MS in Print and Packaging

                  MS in Public Health