shraddha bandhavale international student experience & testimonial

Shraddha Bhandavle (GRE Student)

I joined Education Street when I was going through a very tough phase of my life. I had already given GRE and TOEFL once but was disappointed with a low score in both the tests. The faculty members at Education Street not only boosted up my lost confidence but also enhanced my score. The Verbal faculty encouraged me every time I felt that Verbal was difficult. She taught me all the tactics to crack the Verbals. She also became a great source of motivation for me whenever I felt low and always preached “Never to lose Hope.” She made the GRE Verbals very interesting and took a lot of efforts to make it very easy for me which increased my score in Verbal. Also the Quant faculty taught me GRE Quants so well that Quants became my favorite. He went out of the way and took extra efforts to clear all my concepts. His way of teaching Quants was very easy and interesting. I’m indebted to him for all his efforts taken to make me get a good score in GRE.

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