SOP – LOR Drafting Services

SOP / LOR drafting procedure

SOP / LOR Drafting Procedure

MS in USA application is a very lengthy and tedious procedure and in this writing, an SOP and LOR is very tricky as they are made or break tools in your application and cannot be neglected.

To help you further into this EDUCATION STREET provides you specialized services to undertake your SOP writing task from you. We have expert editors to help you achieve this to meet your requirements.

We collect your profile and take a rough fodder of your profile from you and refurbish and enhance the same to make the final draft. We will always suggest to have your heart and soul into it and should sound like your profile hence the first draft or pointers should come from you.

So How Does It Go

  • Collect data/information from you through a questionnaire 
  • Require a rough draft of your SOP and LOR
  • Your instances like project work/achievements 
  • Your resume 
  • Verbal discussion on your case 

Post all the fodder is collected our editors will start the work. It normally takes 1 week time but if you have any urgency let us know in advance we will try our best but cannot confirm depends on other lined up work. Any further questions you may highlight and let us know.

Charges for services

  1. SOP + 3 LOR: ₹ 6500
  1. Only SOP: ₹ 4500

We would take Minimum 9 working days to provide you completed drafts

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