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  • US include wide variety of climate due to its large size.
  • The South-West is a desert area with temperatures exceeding 38 C in summers.
  • Arctic conditions are pretty harsh and temperature goes as low as -62 C.
  • In general, the southern and western areas are pretty warm and the northern and eastern areas are cold.
  • Ranked 3rd in population with 312 million people.
  • Around 690,000 international students with 105,000 of them being from India.
  • US have capitalist mixed economy fueled by natural resources and high maintenance capacity along with good infrastructure.
  • American culture is a complete mixture of cultures from all around the world which the immigrants bring in with them.
  • It combines all the cultures from around the world while giving it enough space to regain its identity.
  • Main cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Washington D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Boston.

Study in USA


Often called ‘the land of opportunities and hope’, United States of America needs no formal introduction. A flourishing and strong economy with a liberalized education system makes USA an ideal country for international students. USA is no. 1 for obvious reasons-well developed education system with high technology.

The degree from USA is recognized worldwide. Education in the United States is quite different from the system offered in our country. One of the most attractive features of the Bachelor’s Degree program in the US is that it is highly flexible. You can usually choose from a wide variety of courses and create your own unique program of study.

10+2 years of basic education is required for Bachelor’s degree.
12+4 years of basic education is required to pursue a master’s degree in the USA.
12+4 years of basic education and relevant work experience of minimum 2 years is required for MBA.


There are two major intakes in most of the universities and colleges of USA.

Fall (Sept)
Deadlines for fall intake start from January.
Spring (Jan)
Deadlines for spring intake start from October.

Required Exams:

TIER-1 315+ 91+ (IBT) 6.5
TIER-2 300+ 79+ (IBT) 6+
TIER-3 290+ 79 6

Work Permit:

An International student going to USA can work 20 hours a week on-campus during semester and full-time during holidays. You get 5 years visa stamped from embassy when you to study in US on F1 visa.

Cost of Living:

Cost of living in US ranges between 10,000 and 25,000 US$ per year.
It includes housing, books insurance and living costs.

Tuition Fees

UG 10,000-16,000 US$ 12,000-25,000
PG 12,000-20,000 US$ 16,000-30,000 US$

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