Things to Keep in mind before US Visa Interview

You have walked a long path to reach this crucial stage of visa as a student aspiring to go to USA. We are sure that by no means you want to goof it up. There is always an unresorted fear when it comes to US visa. Students fumble, they jumble, and they crumble at this stage. However, our team of experts at Education Street has witnessed that visas go smooth just with little preparation from the student’s end. So here we are with the top 10 things to be borne while going for the US Visa Interview.

1) Your Interview Language – English

USA is a english speaking country offering all courses in English. Hence it is prevalent that when your interview is taken you should be speaking fluent english. This does not demand you to make use of superficial words. You can speak easily in a natural flow but with correct English and grammar. So do not tense up to build and speak heavy words. You can build your confidence by practising general interview questions in front of your family or friends or counselor. This will boost your self-esteem immensely and you would be more prepared in front of the US Visa officer. The US officer is looking to reassure that you can comprehend things in english and can succesfully stay and complete your education in USA.

2) Know the Program and How it fits your Career Plan ?

Very simple but very important. You need to know about your course in and out along wth the goals that you dream to accomplish post completion of your course. So basic questions like: “Why this course?” or “What are your plans post your degree?” should have convincing answers. For this read your course from the university websites details like course subjects, credits, professors etc. For goals state what is your plan post your masters like which job role, which industry etc. This is a very important aspect as they want to know how well researched and prepared you are. No officer is seated there just to reject you they have a huge cap of visas to give away, so bring your best and walk with wings to fly to USA.

3) Funds Information

Be very clear and transparent here. Each one of you mostly would be asked this question as they are seriously desirous to know who would sponsor your education while you go to USA. Fixed deposits, Savings account, Educational Loan and  Provident Fund are few acceptable fund options. You would also be asked about your sponsorer and their financial background so be ready with the required information. If you have one year funds to show you are pretty good and strong. Financial complication or arrangement can be presented in various manners and hence if in doubt seek help of a expert counsellor at Education Street.

4) Supplemental Documentation

Carry all your documents & file them in order so that you can present it to VO when he asks, also arrange them in order so that you are confident about what documents are kept in where.USA visa is interview based and hence 99% there will be no document check but having them with you will keep you confident and prepared by all means.

5) Practice your Interview

If visa is very important for you then work for it. Simply just don’t walk in that day without any practise or preparation. We all read what kind of questions are asked and hence read them thoroughly and practise it in front of the mirror. Voice your answers to seek best answer out of you so that you kill it on your D-day.

6) Ties to your Country

F1 visa is non immigrant visa which means you are going to return back to your country after your purpose is complete.All applicants for non-immigrant visas are viewed as intending immigrants until they can convince the consular officer that they are not.So general questions like “what would you do post your masters?” or “Will you stay back in USA after masters?” have to be handled with care. Here you can also take the answer in a very diplomatic way by not answering yes indicating that you would return to India. Also, state your goal and mention where opportunity drives you. 7).Be concise

The number of F1 applications are huge.So the VO is under pressure to conduct quick round of interview in less time.The 1st impression that you create is going to play very important role in this process,so try and keep your answers short yet sharp so that the concerned officer understands it clearly.

8) Maintain a Positive attitude

It is suggested to be positive through out your interview without being scared or doubting the VO and trying to analyse what his decision will be. This will lower your confidence & confuse you to answer.Do not get into argument with the consular officer, If you are denied a student visa, collect the sheet they give you. Normally the VO does not give any reason why your visa has been refused though you may try for an explanation.

9) Correct filling of DS-160 Form

Do not make any mistakes in your Bio details like birth date or name etc. Check the form twice before you submit it. Also be transparent to state details like any family member in USA. Do not hide if it is immediate family as they have records of most things. If it is far of side or maternal side we can still skip. But do confirm from your counselor before you decide.

10) Dress Up Well

There is no defined dress code as such for interview, but of course you should dress well and wear formals which are clean and ironed. You may also choose to wear casuals but decent ones and not something which makes you look weird or amusing.  This will help you to be confident and you will not be conscious of your attire in the interview hall.

Studying in USA is a dream that you must have seen years before and once you get your visa I am sure you would feel accomplished. A decent university and proper funds arrangement is your backbone for the Visa. Hence, present your best to the visa officer and he would happily provide you the visa. We at Education Street have seen several success stories and thus have spoken our mind out with sheer strong experience. Build your success story by building on all the above points that we have suggested you. All the best and nail it !!

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