What is the Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Computer Science and Computer Engineering may sound similar to you at first, but in reality, they are different from each other. Computer Science is an amalgamation of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Now you might ask how are they both connected yet different?

Let me make it a little easier for you to understand .

  • Computer Science deals with theoretical concepts including programming language, algorithms and architecture.
  • Computer Engineering mainly focuses on their hardware and software including electric circuits, robotics ,microprocessor .


You can’t talk about computer science and computer engineering without touching on software engineering—the bridge between the two that provides the architecture for the instructions the hardware executes.

So where does software engineering come into the mix? While computer scientists focus on the theories and algorithms and computer engineers focus on the hardware implementations, a software engineer bridges both disciplines together, applying computer science theories to software. A software engineer gets even more hands-on with programming by translating those concepts into functional applications that leverage the hardware they run on.

Computer Science  : Meaning , Scope and Advantages

Meaning :  Computer Science is the study of how data and instructions are processed, stored, communicated by computing devices. Computer Science deals with algorithms for processing data, the symbolic representation of data and instructions, the design of instruction languages for processing data, techniques for writing software that process data on a variety of computing platforms, protocols for communicating data reliably and securely across networks, the organization of data in databases of various types and scales.

Scope:  Computer science is primarily concerned with computational theory, namely the architecture, data, algorithms, and programming languages that comprise the software that’s run on a computer. Computer scientists are focused on concepts including code, algorithms, artificial intelligence, database design, and software design. A computer scientist will code the instructions, protocols, and operating systems that run on top of hardware.

Advantages: Today Computer’s have become an integral part of our day to day lives. You agree or not, we live in a digital world where we are completely dependent on computers and technology for everything . Be it daily updates, groceries, education, shopping and what not.

Thus today the world requires computer science student to run in this digital driven world. Graduate programmes and course curriculum designed for students render them opportunities to dwell deep in to their field of interest. Being increase in demand every year, students who pursue computer science have higher opportunity tom get hired by big shots and get paid really well.

Today each and every industry , be it transport, hospitality, food and what not! Every industry requires computer scientists to develop, integrate and store data efficiently so that it can be optimistically used to enhance business opportunities in upcoming years.

Computer Engineering : Meaning, Scope and Advantages

Meaning:   Computer engineering blends together computer science and electrical engineering to further advancements in digital technology, computer networking and computer systems. impeccably integrating the latest innovations, computer engineers develop latest computer hardware, design and implement software applications, and enhance the capabilities of networks and communications systems.

Scope:  Computer engineers work with hardware and software, ensuring that the two are seamlessly integrated and functioning properly. Just as there are countless apps, software programs and computers that function for specific tasks, there are just as many career options for those who wish to enter the computer engineering profession. From robotics to wireless networks, and operating systems to aircraft design, there is a specialization for any interest. Example employers for computer engineers include research laboratories, technology manufacturers, semiconductor companies, and digital consulting firms.

Advantage:  Computer Engineering is for you if you love innovation and constant learning. In today’s digital era, there is a new technology in the market every second, you need to keep yourself upscale and updated throughout. Once you are proficient in your field, there is no one who can stop you.

As many professions, computer engineering is not for everyone. You should be well versed with both hardware concepts as well as software . You must be inquisitive and ready to accept challenges. This profile requires you to sit for long hours if required.

As every job has its own pros and cons, same is with computer engineering as well.

Being one of the highly paid jobs, you get an opportunity to live a life you have always dreamt of. You may also get various opportunities to travel and explore the world at the same time. Lastly, this profession provides you with job security.  These  jobs have been in demand for over 20 years, and there is no sign that this will slow down in the near future. . Of course there won’t be the same frantic demand for all computer engineering positions. Some jobs, such as computer hardware engineering and network architects will only keep pace with the average, at about 5 percent.

For better Understanding, let me give you an example that will surely help you to understand the concept in a much better way.

In a smart car with a touch screen navigation, for example, a computer engineer will design the computer systems: the internal workings like the chips, microprocessors, and circuit boards, and the components like the screen, buttons, and menus the user interacts with. The software engineer then uses computer science theories to write the car’s operating system, the programs, applications like Pandora or a tire pressure monitoring system, and any network communications (say, how the car’s GPS communicates with nearby towers).

Conclusion :

What kind of work do you want to do? A good question to ask is how close to the actual hardware do you want your computing work to be? Professionals working with software that’s closer to the hardware—cell phones, calculators, smart devices, etc. will have more of that granular engineering experience. But more high-level software design that isn’t as concerned with interfacing with the hardware because it’s designed to run on an operating system like Windows or Linux would be more of a computer science degree.

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