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Your Masters degree is an asset. We fully understand that it’s your dream and hence work towards helping you fufill it. Starting from guidance about right universities to counselling you about career choices, we achieve your goal step-by-step. Our promise is simple: you matter, the right choices matter. Hence there is no attempt to push you to tie-up universities.


Admissions Support & Mentoring

University and Course Selection

With 7000+ students studying in 13 different countries, our experience speaks volumes about the diversity and capability of our counsellors to find you the right student-university fit. A systematic process with a comprehensive list of schools opens many possibilities for you.

Your SOP is very important to explain what you been doing so far and prove how you have an edge over other applicants. Similarly, universities of an ask for unique S is based on your life experiences, learnings and other topics. We guide you when sure that your SOP as well your LOR covers all the right points to get you the admission you want.

Form filling may come across as a very tedious activity when applying to multiple universities, but our expert counsellors help you to ensure that you fill and send all documents correctly, in time and without any stress.

You do not have to worry about money in order to pursue a stellar higher education. We counsel you about fund requirements, sources of funds, your file building as well as help you procure a competitive education loan.

Many students get admitted into universities, but lose out because of not getting visa. Our entire team of counsellors is experienced in visa procedures, applications and guidance. They become your one point contact to help you smoothly gets through this stage.

Study abroad Research

Profile Building for Bachelors

Planning your Masters but still in your undergrad studies?
We help you start building your profile – from today!

Focused, long term strategy that ensures you a seat where you desire. We coach you to add value through certifications, skills, internships, volunteering and others to be a desirable candidate for universities abroad.

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Some words from our past achievers

Student -Study abroad

Akshay Waghela

I had a dream to study in the USA for my masters but to bring that dream into reality I needed a professional and good counsellor who can guide me on every step of the process. “Education Street” was the one who gave me excellent service. From the day I joined Education Street, they looked after all the processes from applying to the universities till the VISA process. I am really overwhelmed by their kind service and hospitality. Thank You!!

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Rutuja Nayak

Best place to attain guidance pertaining to study abroad. I came in with a background not matching the field in which I desired a career. I needed someone solid to create a firm background and help me with all my queries, and I found Education Street! Extremely patient and calm to all the doubts and ensure finding solutions to all the possible problems. I had a wonderful experience with them.

Mayur Kambli

I approached education Street through a seminar organised by them. They cleared all the aspects of studying abroad so efficiently in the seminar that I decided to join the class. I joined the class for IELTS coaching and counselling. Snehankita madam guided me in every step, from university selection to visa documentation. Their counselling is really nice.

Abhishek Rane

My experience at Education Street was way too good and I really thank Neha Ma’am and Ankita Ma’am for all their guidance and support. I could not have got such a good atmosphere and counselling anywhere else as I got from Education Street. I am going to Deakin University, Australia (Spring 2019).


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