Privacy Policy

1. I hereby confirm that the information provided by me in this form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

2. All the supporting documents submitted by me along with are genuine and legally valid.

3. I further confirm that I have not lodged any applications directly to any Universities or through any other agency/ Government body except as declared hereinabove.

4. This is to certify that I am being counseled by ‘Education Street’ on all issues relating to my plans for an Overseas education &/ in designing a Career Plan.

5. I further certify that ‘Education Street’ is authorized to represent me on all matters relating to my admission and interest with the Univesity(ies) on my behalf.

6. I authorize ‘Education Street’ to release all relevant information with regard to my education to any educational institution.

7. I authorize ‘Education Street’ to send me regular updates via SMS / email / Call.

8. Courses/ Programs applied by the students in foreign Universities are based and governed by terms & conditions and qualifying criteria as laid by the respective University. Services provided by ‘Education Street’ Pvt. Ltd. are limited only to the extent of assisting students to get admissions in the University. ‘Education Street’ Pvt. Ltd. does not guarantee admission of the student in any University and is not responsible if the student’s application is refused/ rejected for any reasons whatsoever. ‘Education Street’ Pvt. Ltd. Shall not be held responsible or liable in such circumstances and no claim of any nature whatsoever will be entertained. I confirm that the Courses/Programs for my studies are seen and understood by me and ‘Education Street’ Pvt Ltd will not be held responsible for its content.

9. Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.