It's not just about how much, but from where

Manage your expenses in college the smart way

Having an adequate, structured fund source is vital because studying abroad is an expensive deal.


Why take funding?

Yes, an education from a foreign university may sound expensive. But in exchange for your investment, you’re travelling to a developed country with advanced resources, learning with highly qualified faculty and earning tremendous international exposure.

The expenses are of two types

  1. Tuition fees charged by the university
  2. Living expenses which may vary from country to country
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How much? Where from?

Fret not – we have the answers to all your doubts.

Funds documentation has five steps: Identifying the type and amount of funding, Forming a budget, Identifying the sponsor, Sourcing funds, Documentation based on the sponsor (salary slips, ITR, business documents, etc.)

At Education Street, we help you get loans smoothly and quickly through our panel of partner banking institutions.

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It’s not just about having a loan, but also about where it’s been borrowed from. A lot of students can’t go abroad even after receiving acceptances since their funds are not in proper shape. Eg. The US accepts statements from co-op banks, while the UK does not.

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They are excellent professionals who will help you at every step of your process. Staff is professional and friendly and help you out even if you have small doubts. Madhavi mam, Niti mam, Munmun mam were of great help and finally Ankita mam's Visa interview's and attention to the minute details helped me realize my dream to study in the USA.

Shripad Mane

Brilliant in all aspects ! Value for money as at the end when you are going to spend so much to go abroad you really need the right direction and they in all means empower you. Good job as a team of counsellors and tutors! I would highly recommend!

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Education Street staff are very up to date about universities across the globe. They really helped me a lot with the application process. It was a great experience for me. Procedure became easier because of the personal attention they gave me.

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I had a very good experience with Education Street. Madhavi and Ankita Madam helped me a lot during my search in unknown territory. All the best wishes to Education Street.

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