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Visa & Financial Advice

Start on the path to your dream university

Step 1

Country and Course identification

Your journey is unique, so we start with country and course identification based on mapping your background including academics, budget, employment, and personal preferences. We don’t give standardized recommendations.

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Step 2

University Selection

We select a list of universities based on your academic profile and classify them into ambitious, moderate and safe schools.

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Step 3

Document Preparation

A document preparation bracket is opened for SOPs, LORs, essays, transcripts and other necessary documentation.

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Step 4


The applications are long, tiring and often strenuous. Don’t worry, we help you apply to at least 5 to 8 universities which are a perfect match for you.

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Step 5

You’re now through the admissions process, with acceptances and scholarships in hand!

It doesn’t end here though, you still have to apply for a visa and show proof of funding. Worry not, Education Street is here to help!

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How Education Street is impacting lives

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Anirudh Swamy

I am glad that I got introduced to EDUCATION STREET which helped me throughout the process and solved all my queries right from course selection to applying for my desired universities. Thank you counsellors for your expert guidance and support which helped me obtain admits from my desired colleges!

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Anupama Deshpande

I am grateful to the entire team of EDUCATION STREET for the assistance provided to me for counselling right from day 1 of joining. Beginning with the university selection to application procedure, editing of SOP-LOR, timely advice on finances and loan procedure to preparing me confidently for the visa interview, it has all been a memorable journey to remember. The counsellors were available 24/7. It was more like a family who always stood by me.

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Study abroad

Saurabh Patil

One of the best counsellors I’ll say, they’re very responsive in everything & flexible as well. I had no idea about masters when I came here but Education Street made my journey of Further studies very easy & smooth.I would like to thank each & everyone who assisted me in this journey.


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