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Some of the usual questions and concerns of students have been addressed here.

If you have any further questions regarding the plan for your education abroad, please write or call us.

What is the ideology of EDUCATION STREET?

Mrs. Ankita Thakker initiated EDUCATION STREET in 2010 to help students seeking education overseas. The company motto is “END OF EDUCATION IS CHARACTER” and the entire team works towards guiding and directing students on the same path.  education doesn’t bring mere living that is what we propagate. Once right education taken it provides fodder to your character and once that in place no matter what the student would always shine. This is what we believe and this is what we instill in our students.

How does counseling proceed at EDUCATION STREET once registered?

Every student has different aspirations and we study what is the lookout of every individual very minutely. Education Street then provides clear and transparent facts and solutions to every student about the possibilities he/she can opt for. So country selection, course selection are initial steps and then later we guide them and their parents on funds and visa. So a complete picture is placed in front of every student so that they can make a right informed decision with Education Street guidance.

Once the basic round is over we start with the application procedure. Essays, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendations and Resume building are few of the crucial steps we help the student in. Our counseling is one-to-one and very interactive. Students can schedule an appointment with our counselor to resolve their queries or get assistance over Phone and emails. Assistance at every level of admission is our duty and we take it very seriously.

How does EDUCATION STREET help in college selection?

Based on the student’s career objectives, Education Street will provide a list of schools that are (a) Ambitious, (b) Moderate and (c) Safe. The student will review and the list and Education Street and the student will create a final list of colleges. We encourage the student to do their primary research on universities so that they are confident in universities they are applying.

Generally speaking, undergraduate and graduate students will apply to 10 schools, of which 3 will be Ambitious, 3 will be Moderate and 4 Safe.

Does EDUCATION STREET provide any guarantee to the student on admission?

There is no guarantee on admissions, as universities do not provide any guarantee to us. There are no fixed criteria the universities choose students on. It is dynamic and the selection happens according to applications received that year. But our experience and strong research help in selecting proper universities for students and our ratio has been very good that each student has at least received 1-2 admits.

Does EDUCATION STREET writes Essays/Statement of Purpose/Letters of Recommendation from scratch?

Being experienced we completely discourage this to students. No third person can do justice to writing your experiences and expectations as compared to what you can do. These elements are very crucial tools in the application process and if they do not bring the best out of you we would miss the opportunity of getting into our dream school. Admission officers read them to know about you and if it doesn’t express your heart and soul it won’t turn into a positive response. The ownership of writing essay rests with the student but Education Street will give you a well-structured layout, help you polish your presentation skills and strengthen your ability to articulate your ideas in the best possible way. The Admission committee is smart enough to compare your essay with your AWA scores so we do not want you to take any chances.

At Education Street, we provide guidelines and samples to give you a framework on how things are to be written. You make the first draft and then we take it up from there. Our trained essay editor enhances and refurbishes things to make it perfect. Once the students send us the first draft, our experts critically review it and their valuable feedback is shared with the students. Essay writing is a highly enriching and interactive flow of ideas, suggestions, and feedback from our experts and students. The number of drafts may range from range from 2 to 4 before the final

Does EDUCATION STREET fill up the application forms?
Application forms are very important and hence the information filled need to be accurate with no mistakes. We provide sample filled forms for students to get an idea and do the needful. Once the student fills the form we ask them to send us the login details for the counselor to check if everything filled is appropriate. So we have our vigilance over the form filling procedure. The data is very personal and hence the chances of human error are high if we fill it that is why we monitor it but students fill the form. All the assistance is provided by our side even students are welcomed if they want to sit and fill the forms in our office we have provision for the same as well. We have uploaded sample several forms on our Website for reference.
What if don't live in Mumbai; can EDUCATION STREET still help me in counseling?

Yes, we can help you in counseling irrespective of the location. Counseling happens a lot over the Internet and hence location plays no deterrent. We offer Tele counseling and web counseling services to students who are not in a position to come down to our centers in person. This goes very smooth and never a hurdle. In fact, we have seen students who reside nearby us also opt online mode, as our online support is very active. Many of Education Street students are located outside of Mumbai. Education Street has assisted students across India in cities like Nagpur, Nasik, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa, Bangalore, and New Delhi. Education Street also communicates with students outside Mumbai through technologies like Skype, email, websites etc.

Does EDUCATION STREET provide a guarantee that I would get high-test scores?

We have various options for you as a test taker. One-to-One coaching where if you would like to seek personalized tutoring with entire focus of the tutor on you we can provide you this service. Even if you go for normal batches we do not enroll more than 10-15 students per batch and hence the small group allows you to get a perfect advantage of tutoring. We also provide just test materials in case you want to just enroll for test series.

So we at EDUCATION STREET thrive to provide you whatever suits your need. Our primary goal is to improve your level by at least 20-40 points. We cannot guarantee anything as the entire test setup is too dynamic and even you yourself cannot guarantee how you would perform.

Does EDUCATION STREET guarantee visa?
Visa is issued by the respective country embassy and we cannot have any control over the same. We help you in preparing for the visa with interviews, funds, and documentation, which is in education street and students hand.
Does EDUCATION STREET guide in funds preparation?
Yes this is a very primary aspect of our counseling. Hence we start the funds’ preparation process with student’s parents parallel with the admission process as it takes time. We assist you in explaining to you the way funds need to be show and also loan assistance. Overseas education is not possible without funds in right place and hence it is a very crucial aspect and we do not ignore it.