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Once I sign up, how does the counselling proceed?

We put emphasis on personalized, customized and focused counselling. This means we start off by understanding your aspirations and we understand what you’re looking out for.

  • We provide you with clear and transparent facts and solutions about the possibilities you can opt for.
  • Country and course selection are initial steps.
  • Then we guide them and their parents on funds and visas. With this complete picture, you can make the right informed decision. 

We help you build your Essays, Statements of Purpose, Letters of Recommendations and Resume, along with form filling assistance. Assistance at every level of admission is our duty and we execute it diligently. 

We suggest the country based on your career objectives and profile. Alongside, we will provide a list of schools from three categories: Ambitious, Moderate and Safe. You can review the list and together, we will finalize it. We encourage you to do primary research on universities so that you are confident about the universities you are applying to.

Generally speaking, undergraduate and graduate students usually apply to 10 schools, of which 3 will be Ambitious, 3 will be Moderate and 4 Safe.  

Unlike the market practice, we do not promote or suggest only tie-up universities. We really work around your needs and accordingly suggest universities. So the focus is always on you. 

There is no guarantee on admissions, as universities do not provide any guarantee themselves. There is no fixed criteria on the basis of which universities choose students. It is dynamic and the selection happens according to the applications received in that academic year. But our experience and strong research will help in selecting proper universities for students and our success rate has been high; you receive at least 1 to 2 admits. 

Generally, others give guarantees for universities, which are of a standard that isn’t not good enough for you. We are trying to up-skill your academic life, for which we work hard to deliver efficient and beneficial results. 

We do help you, but not by writing it from scratch. Our experience tells us no third person can do justice to writing your experiences and expectations. These elements are quite crucial tools in the application process and if they do not bring the best out of you we may miss the opportunity of getting you into your dream college.

Admission Officers read them to know about you and if it doesn’t express your heart and soul it won’t turn into a positive response. We will give you a well-structured layout, help you polish your presentation skills and strengthen your ability to articulate your ideas in the best possible way. The Admission Committee is smart enough to compare your essay with your AWA scores so we do not want you to take any chances there. 

Our trained editor enhances your drafts to make it better. Based on our recommendations, we may have 2 to 4 rounds of edits before the final submission. 

We have Admission Counsellors who will efficiently fill and walk you through the process. We understand the forms are lengthy; this may be a time consuming and strenuous task. When it comes to forms, given that each university has a different process, we are here to guide you.

Absolutely! We can help you in counselling irrespective of the location. Counselling happens a lot over the internet, hence, location doesn’t really matter. Many of Education Street students are based out of Mumbai.  Education Street has assisted students across India; cities include Nagpur, Nasik, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa, Bangalore, and New Delhi. In fact, we are currently also helping Indians based in other countries with their applications.

We offer both Tele Counselling and Web Counselling Services. The process is smooth and problem-free. In fact, we have seen students who reside in Mumbai also opting for online mode, as our online support is active and approachable. We have mastered to support students in all the possible ways, so don’t worry; we have got you covered here.

We have various options for you as a test taker. One-to-One Coaching where if you would like to seek personalized tutoring with the entire focus of the tutor on you we can provide you with this service.  Even if you go for normal batches, we do not enroll more than 10 to 15 students per batch and the small group allows you to get the perfect advantage of tutoring. We also provide test materials in case you only want to enroll for a test series.

We strive to provide you with whatever suits your needs. Our primary goal is to improve your level by at least 20 to 40 points. We cannot guarantee anything as the entire test setup is too dynamic, to an extent that even you cannot exactly predict how you would perform.

Sure, we can help you with visa applications. Visa is issued by the respective country’s embassy; hence we cannot have any control over it. We help you with what is in our area of control, i.e. preparing for the visa through thorough mock interviews, fund arrangements and all the documentation and paperwork.

Yes, this is a primary and essential aspect in our financial counselling. Since it takes time, we start the fund preparation process parallelly with the student’s parents and the admission process. We consult you with the right way to show current funds for further loan assistance. Overseas education is not possible without funds in the right place and hence it is a crucial aspect. 

Even if you don’t need a loan, we help you structure your existing funds in the right manner. Each country has its own unique format.

Owing to the Counsellors’ diverse backgrounds, the ES Team has heterogeneity. Apart from Education, they are experienced in various areas of guidance; this brings a lot of value to the wide array of students we cater. UG, PG and Ph.D Counsellors are all trained depending on their qualification, skills and exposure. Mrs. Ankita Thakker spearheads this team and it is well coached under her guidance.

Yes, you must seek advice from a Counsellor. You may know what you want but you might not know how to get there because of the information borrowed from the Internet. After all, it’s not always reliable. We understand your needs, and provide help with decisions regarding universities and career choices. We do so with confidence and ease because of the 11 years of experience that we have successfully gained. A lot of information is available online but most of it is merely marketing material from universities or other counsellors; hence it is not authentic enough to help you make the right decision. You can’t entirely rely on the data. 

Our interest and duty is to serve you and not the university. We are paid counsellors and we strive to bring the best choice according to your profile. You are going to spend Lakhs of Rupees to study abroad. A trained mentor will definitely make the entire experience worth it. Education Street guarantees this.

We are known for delivering efficient results; we are confident you will have two to three offers in hand. Once you accept an offer, we start with the visa process and our success rate for this particular process is almost 99%. After this, we also extend our services to guide you for various pre-departure decisions like accommodation, air ticket booking, insurance and other necessities. Join us and you are taken care of in all primary areas.

TOEFL or IELTS are both widely accepted and are quite similar qualitatively. They test how well you score in English Comprehension. TOEFL is a U.S based test and is accepted everywhere. IELTS is also accepted widely across the globe. We suggest you choose depending on what dates are convenient for you and the available exam centres. The cost of both TOEFL and IELTS is more or less the same.

We have two tutors. One for each, Mathematics and English. They are well experienced teachers; one of them has 12 years of experience and the other, 8 years. They coach for different tests and you can gauge their power over the subject matter. GRE/ GMAT/ TOEFL/ IELTS/ SAT/ PTE –  Education Street covers all these tests and our coaching has delivered successful results. 

The training at Education Street has always focused on the students’ strengths and weaknesses, and we have received positive feedback regarding our efforts and standards from previous batches of students. 

You can connect with our tutors as per your needs.


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