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How to prepare for GRE vocabulary


Preparing for GRE vocabulary is a mammoth task to deal with considering the voluminous amount of words that come across as your learning progresses. One needs to build a strategy to grasp command over as many words as possible. Let us take a detailed look at few of them as follows:

Learning the ROOT words

Root words are the basic words to which affixes (prefixes and suffixes) are added to form the new word. Taking a detailed look at studying the root words in addition to learning individual words can help you expand your vocabulary considerably.

Learning words through Apps

Why not make the best use of technology to learn new words at the click of your fingertips? There are many apps related to GRE vocabulary which can help you enhance your vocabulary. One such app is “BuildMyVocab”. With an extensive list of 200 most important words from the Barron’s GRE Word List, this vocabulary app has devised fun ways to remember those words. Another such good app is VocabMagik. It is an innovative English vocabulary app that helps you improve vocabulary for GRE exam. Learning with animated cartoons and witty mnemonics makes learning easier.

Learning in groups / class room sessions

Learning words in a group can be fun. You can participate in vocabulary tests, quizzes and      discussions to make learning better and interactive.

Do not simply memorise / Use the words

Do not keep memorising words simply for the sake of learning. You can put the learnt words in to practice by using them regularly.  It may be easier to implement them into an essay or a volunteered comment / speech in the class.

Develop a habit to read extensively

Cultivate a habit of reading extensively.  List down the new words that you come across while reading. Make it a habit to recall these new words regularly. As you read any website or newspaper, try replacing the words with the new set of words you’ve learnt. Last, and perhaps the best thing you can do is use this newly gained vocabulary as often as possible. A very good book I’d suggest is WORD POWER MADE EASY by Norman Lewis. It also has ample of vocabulary exercises to solve as you learn.

Few links

The following are the few links which can be helpful.

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Faculty Head and Branch Head (Education Street)


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