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Earn while you Learn in Australia

Sounds quite exciting, right. Australia is one of the largest and most popular destinations for international students. Being a hub to a variety of universities, […]

GRE FAQ: Frequently asked questions about GRE

What is GRE? The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is required to be taken by students seeking admission to graduate schools. […]

study in Europe

Which Countries in Europe are good to study Masters?

International experience has become more and more important in recent years. Large and small companies alike look for employees who have left their “comfort zone”. […]

Do you need study abroad consultancy to help in your admission process?

Studying abroad is a dream come true for student of various fields. Admissions to any foreign universities involves a lengthy complex process. Gazing at the […]

Things to Keep in mind before US Visa Interview

You have walked a long path to reach this crucial stage of visa as a student aspiring to go to USA. We are sure that […]

University shortlisting for US

Shortlisting US Universities!!

How to decide which Universities are Safe, Moderate and Ambitious for me? The moment you start with your application process the question on which universities […]

US Student Admission Process

US Application Process: Education Street

Application Aced !!   You’ve finally made up your mind to study abroad – but that’s really just the easiest part, isn’t it? The next […]

Preparing GRE Vocabulary


HOW TO PREPARE FOR GRE VOCABULARY Preparing for GRE vocabulary is a mammoth task to deal with considering the voluminous amount of words that come […]

study abroad culture shock

“Culture Shock”: How to overcome it while studying Abroad.

“Culture Shock”: How to overcome it while studying Abroad. One of the most common challenges international students face is dealing with “culture shock.” Culture shock […]

Top reasons to study abroad in Ireland

Why Study in Ireland

Why Study in Ireland TOP REASON TO STUDY IN IRELAND! Ireland has one of the best education systems in Europe. The quality of the Irish […]



IS IELTS EASIER THAN TOEFL There are many factors which will help you determine whether to take IELTS or TOEFL. These are language proficiency tests […]

undergraduate degree abroad

Undergraduate Degree Abroad

Is doing Bachelors Abroad a recommended affair? Sitting on my counselor chair I am always asked this question by inquisitive and curious parents of kids […]


IMPORTANCE OF YOUR COURSE TO FALL UNDER SOL IN CANADA Canada education system mostly focuses on Research and Specialization. Canada encourages diversified study options in Diploma, […]

GRE Guidelines


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PREPARE FOR THE GRE? A determined mind and a dedicated approach should not take you more than two to […]

How difficult is GRE

How Difficult is GRE?

How Difficult is GRE? The GRE is an adaptive test. Let us take the Quants section for instance. Everyone’s first Quantitative section is “medium” difficulty, […]

WES Evaluation steps

Steps to get WES Evaluation done.

WES EVALUATION PROCESS: WES stands for World Evaluation Services. It is authorized to do evaluation of foreign transcripts and convert it to US education system. […]

US student visa interview

10 Things to do before US Visa Interview

10 Things to do before US Visa Interview   You have walked a long path to reach this crucial stage of visa as a student […]

WHY Study in NEW Zealand

Why Study New Zealand ?

Top 6 Reason to Study in New Zealand. Planning to study abroad starts with the choice of country, which is one of the crucial decision […]

indian youtubers: tanmay bhatt and team

What Students can learn from AIB: All India Bakchod

By Manik Rege Ma briskly pulled out my iPad’s earplugs and snatched it away. I had been caught streaming A.I.B’s ‘Knockout’ roast for the third […]

three university students chilling on their bed, clicking selfies

10 types of Students You’ll meet in University

By Manik Rege Reading Time: 7 minutes At this time tomorrow, I’ll be a fresh graduate, all set to make my mark in the world. […]