Study in New Zealand


  • Made up of 2 main islands.
  • It has a mild and temperate climate with temperature ranging from -10 C to 30° C.
  • It lies in the Southern Hemisphere. Hence, temperature decreases as we go south.
  • Ranked 126 in population with a population of 4.2 million.
  • Around 93,500 international students in 2010.
  • It has a modern, prosperous and developed market economy.
  • English is the most predominant language.
  • Main cities include: – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Hamilton.

Study in New Zealand


With a unique learning environment of world —class educators, New Zealand is becoming the first choice for an increasing number of International students seeking quality education. The inherent flexibility of the education system offers the students an opportunity to select from a wide range of courses.

NZ has British based education system which is recognized and respected worldwide. NZQA is the authority that ensures the quality of education provided by these institutions. The degrees offered by NZ universities are recognized for enrolment in postgraduate programs at universities throughout the world.

The national universities of NZ offer degree programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level. All universities offer a broad range of subjects to choose from. They also offer specialization in subjects such as Technology, Engineering, Computer studies, Medicine, Agriculture and Environmental studies.


Universities: Only 8 universities in New Zealand. All are funded by the government of New Zealand.
Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs): A popular option to study in 16 government funded Institutes of Technology and Polytechnic
Private Technical Establishment (PTEs): There are a growing number of private tertiary and Training Establishment providing alternate study options. The programs include professional certificates, diploma, and degrees in various subjects including art, hospitality industries, Computer studies, secretarial studies, quality management etc.


There are generally 2 Intakes: February and July

However ITPs and Private Institutes may have different intakes for different courses.
Some institute have intakes every month resulting into recruitment throughout the year.


Generally there are no deadline in New Zealand for the application, but it is recommended to at least start 4-5 months in prior.


International students in the NZ can work up to 20 hours a week while studying and full time during vacations.
Post study Job search visa:

Level of Education Number of Years Post Study Job search visa.
Level 6 (Diploma Program) At least 2 years of Study 1 year Post study job search Visa
Level 7 (Graduate Diploma) At least 1 year of Study
Level 8 or above (Post graduate diploma, Masters or PHD) At least 1 year of study



  • Most Universities of New Zealand consist of pre-decided number of units, papers or courses.
  • Student can opt for 2 years diploma or 3/4 years bachelors program.
  • You can go to the next year/level of study only after you pass the pre-decided number of tests.
  1. Arts/Humanities/Social Science/Commerce/Administration Management – 15,000-19,000 NZ$
  2. Computing/Mathematical Science – 16,000-20,000 NZ$
  3. Engineering & Technology – 17,000-22,000 NZ$


There are 3 kinds of postgraduate study available in NZ.

  • Postgraduate Diploma — A one-year full time study which builds on the subject matter in the academic field of the previous degree.
  • Graduate Diploma — A one-year full time study which does not require its students to have prior learning or experience about the subject.
  • Master’s Degree — It usually is one to two year’s full time study. The knowledge required generally builds upon prior education received from the Bachelor’s degree. It requires real grasp of the subject and understanding of the discipline.
  1. Arts/Humanities/Social Science/Commerce/Administration Management – 18,000-28,000 NZ$
  2. Computing/Mathematical Science – 18,000-35,000 NZ$
  3. Engineering & Technology – 28,000-36,000 NZ$


Choose from Halls of Residence, Student’s Hostel, Dormitories and flats. Expenses lie between NZ$ 15,000 per annum. And that is inclusive of food, clothing, transport, entertainment and accommodation.

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