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Mass Communication – A fascinating career option.

Mass Communication –  A fascinating career option. Mass communication is just a compact term that comprises of social media, digital media, print media, public relation, […]

How to crack IELTS Speaking Section?

How to crack IELTS Speaking Section? Introduction Let us first understand the exact meaning scope and advantages of appearing for IELTS. Meaning Known as the […]

IELTS an overview

All about IELTS Why do you require IELTS? IELTS is not just an English Proficiency Test, it is your pathway to procure competency in the […]

How to crack the IELTS Speaking Section?

Introduction Let us first understand the exact meaning scope and advantages of appearing for IELTS. Meaning Known as the International English Language Testing System, IELTS […]

What is the Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Computer Science and Computer Engineering may sound similar to you at first, but in reality, they are different from each other. Computer Science is an […]

US Students: OPT Information

Q: What is “OPT”? A: Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a work benefit allowed to international students in F-1 immigration status who are enrolled in, […]

“Culture Shock”: How to overcome it while studying Abroad.

One of the most common challenges international students face is dealing with “culture shock.” Culture shock is a feeling of disorientation many people feel when […]

Parental Guide: Study Abroad

So parent’s this time, a piece of information for you all who are the backbone of your child’s abroad journey. Sending them abroad for further […]

How important is your course to fall under the SOL list when going to Canada?

Canada education system mostly focuses on Research and Specialization. Canada encourages diversified study options in Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Masters and Ph.D. programs. Petroleum […]

Career Opportunities post 12th

Career Opportunities post 12th

Introduction You must be facing this question every now and then! What after 12th??? A tough choice to make with all the diverse questions put […]



The SAT is a standardized test given across the U.S to high schoolers, and occasionally to those students across the world who plan to apply […]

Is doing Bachelors Abroad a recommended affair?

Sitting on my counselor chair I am always asked this question by inquisitive and curious parents of kids who are pursuing their 10th, 11th or […]

Data Science VS Data Analytics.

Introduction Data Science and Data Analytics sound similar and are often interchangeably placed in a different scenario.  Even though being two sides of the same […]


IELTS VS TOEFL: Which Test to Opt for?

Introduction Both TOEFL AND IELTS are English Proficiency test that are useful to test your English skills when applying for further studies abroad. If you […]

Earn while you Learn in Australia

Sounds quite exciting, right. Australia is one of the largest and most popular destinations for international students. Being a hub to a variety of universities, […]

GRE FAQ: Frequently asked questions about GRE

What is GRE? The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is required to be taken by students seeking admission to graduate schools. […]

study in Europe

Which Countries in Europe are good to study Masters?

International experience has become more and more important in recent years. Large and small companies alike look for employees who have left their “comfort zone”. […]

Do you need study abroad consultancy to help in your admission process?

Studying abroad is a dream come true for student of various fields. Admissions to any foreign universities involves a lengthy complex process. Gazing at the […]

Things to Keep in mind before US Visa Interview

You have walked a long path to reach this crucial stage of visa as a student aspiring to go to USA. We are sure that […]

University shortlisting for US

Shortlisting US Universities!!

How to decide which Universities are Safe, Moderate and Ambitious for me? The moment you start with your application process the question on which universities […]